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Textile Application Management System


TexAMS ERP Cost Management feature provides visibility of cost at a single market place. With competition increasing the pressure on margins, your business needs accurate and detailed manufacturing cost reporting for effective business management.

TexAMS ERP provides extensive cost information at several levels that helps the business owner to identify cost elements and reduce product cost. Product Manufacturing costing elements in TexAMS is formulated based of different parameters, including, routing, machines, production volumes, batch sizes, depreciation, labour, material cost, admin cost, selling cost, etc.

Further TexAMS ERP support multiple inventory valuation methods so you can choose the costing method that best reflects your company's business.

The TexAMS Costing Module tracks both standard and actual labor and material costs as they are applied to work orders. The costing information can then be printed on costing reports. Material costs can be a combinations of purchase to order, stock, subcontract and stocked subassemblies. Labor can be just backflushed standard labor or actual labor hours from shop floor data collection. Overhead costs can be applied to labor hours or purchase dollars.

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